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Are You Ready To Export? - How Do You Do It?

  • Trade Finance Guide Check out the Trade Finance Guide:A Quick Reference for U.S. Exporters. Spanish version now available! This guide is designed to help U.S. companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, learn the basics of trade finance so that they can turn their export opportunities into actual sales and achieve the ultimate goal of getting paid—especially on time—for those sales.

  • BBC News - Country Profiles

    Full profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries and territories, and background on key institutions. 

  • BIS - Compliance Red Flags Checklist to check for any violations of Export Administration Regulation. Can help assure that you are not in violation of doing business with any members of do not sell lists and in compliance with other export laws.
  • BIS - Denied Persons List These appearing on the denied persons list may not be sold to under any circumstances. Those who sell to persons or countries on this will likely lose any trade privileges and could be subject to additional penalties.
  • BIS - Entities List List of those individuals, companies, and governments that are subject to additional licensing and permit requirements. Site has description resources for additional paperwork as well as the list.
  • BIS - Regulation Database Export Administrations Regulation Database offers a wide variety of information from general information on how to make sure you are incompliance, to country specific regulations, additional paperwork, specific acts and information how to remain in compliance.
  • BIS - SNAP-R This webinar video offers free training on SNAP-R, the Simplified Network Application Process Redesign. This includes enhanced security, the ability to attach supporting documentation electronically, and ability for BIS officers to view work and forms electronically.
  • BIS - Unverified List Includes names and countries of foreign persons who in the past were parties to transaction with respect to which BIS could not conduct a pre-license check of post shipment verification for reasons outside the U.S. Government’s control. Any transactions
    with persons or countries on this list will be considered a red flag.
  • Buy USA - Export Compliance Check List Checklists to ensure that traders have checked that customers do not appear on any do not trade lists.
  • Census Bureau: Commodity Coding - Schedule B Lookup by Product Search engine to lookup your Schedule B by product.
  • Census Bureau - Compliance Webinar The Census Bureau wants you to know that foreign trade regulations are mandatory. To ensure that you are in compliance with these regulations they offer a series of product classification and compliance training webinars. To view the webinar schedule and for more information on how to register use this link.
  • Census Bureau - Foreign Trade Letters and Notices Five foreign trade letters and notice that may assist or be necessary to ship export products.
  • Census Bureau - Voluntary Self-disclosure Form A Voluntary Self-Disclosure (VSD) is a narrative account with supporting documentation that sufficiently describes suspected violations of the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR).  A VSD reflects due diligence in detecting, and correcting potential violation(s) when required information was not reported or when incorrect information was provided that violates the FTR.  The Foreign Trade Division (FTD) strongly encourages the submission of VSDs by parties that have violated or potentially violated the FTR.
  • Exim Bank - Finance Import Bank of the United States: EX-IM Bank independent government agency that helps finance overseas sales
  • Exim Bank - Multi Buyer Credit Insurance Small Business Multi Buyer Credit Insurance for international export sales.
  • Exim Bank - Short Term Multi Buyer Credit Insurance Small Business Short –Term Multi Buyer Credit Insurance for international export sales.
  • Exim Bank - Short Term Single Buyer Credit Insurance Small Business Short Term Single Buyer Credit Insurance for international export sales.
  • Exim Bank - Working Capital Loans Additional funding opportunity to finance your exporting business.
  • Export Administration - Record Keeping Regulations Source has information on complying with EAR recordkeeping regulations. Tells you what types of records are necessary for what forms of exporting, how long they need to be retained.
  • Export Finance Assistance Center of Washington The Export Finance Assistance Center of Washington offers such services as education and training on how to mitigate risks, and collect payment when exporting products overseas. They in cooperation with EX-IM Bank also offer programs to help finance your business. Finally they offer consulting and consultation services.
  • Exporters Guides - Trade Agreements export.gov's Trade Compliance Center link to all Guides.
  • Export.gov - Common Export Documents Section of the export.gov website covers commonly required exporting documents such as; licenses, certificates of origin, and certificates of shipment.
  • Export.gov - Determine Tariff Rates Basic information on how to determine your tariff fees. Link to databases to determine fee. Includes training video.
  • Export.gov - Export Basics Workbook can prepare your business to enter the international marketplace. Workbook will lead you step by step through the process of exporting your product to an international market.
  • Export.gov - Product Classification How to classify your product using Harmonized System, and Schedule B numbers. (Codes that are required by U.S. customs and recognized by most countries the U.S. trades with. These codes are also used to establish duty rates by importing country). Includes link to code database to look up the proper codes for your products.
  • Export.gov - Sample Plan Sample outline for Export Plan
  • Export.gov - Shipping Documentation What export shipping documents do you need? Follow this short guide on what you need when you need it, and how to finish the documents that are required when shipping internationally.
  • Export Trends in Washington State, Vol 3. Accurate descriptions of export trends are needed for industry representatives, analysts, policymakers, and business owners to properly assess market conditions. This fact sheet provides data on manufactured exports from Washington State to foreign countries for several large industries (including aerospace and fruit and vegetable preserves) in a context emphasizing the relationships between exports and the overall economy. Unlike other export data sources, the data here can be used to compare 1) export changes over time, 2) export changes with overall industry shipment changes, and 3) changes to current importing countries with changes to the number of importing countries.
  • Foreign Trade - Harmonized System Coding Find and lookup coding using the Harmonized System.
  • Forwarder.com - Freight Forwarder Directory Directory of freight forwarders by location.
  • Freight Agents - Freight Forwarder Directory Directory of freight forwarders by service.
  • Freightnet - National Freight Forwarders National freight forwarder
  • My Own Business Template for creating your international business plan.
  • NCBFAA - Freight Forwarder Directory Directory of freight forwarders by location.
  • SBA - Export Working Capital Program Link to information on a working capital loan intended for exporters. SBA guarantees lenders 90% of working capital loan to ensure that qualified applicants are granted this loan.
  • SBA - Trade Loans Link to information on trade loan. SBA guarantees 1.75 million of loans.
  • STAT USA Website has export-training center, statistics on U.S. exports, cross-classification lookup for exports and imports.
  • The Federation of International Trade Associations Comprehensive searchable database of International Trade Web Resources. Directories and publications available, as well as marketing, financing, cultural, compliance, and much more information.
  • Trade Compliance Center - Trade Compliance View trade agreements and follow links on individual country research to view compliance requirements for that country.
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protections - Compliance Forms Link to many necessary compliance and security forms. Also have some of the required shipping forms available.
  • U.S. International Trade Commission - Commodity Translation Wizard Translate an 8-digit or 10-digit HTS item number into its corresponding SITC or NAIC code number. Works vice-versa.
  • UNZCO Trade exporting guide that includes a section on trade financing. Topics include: Financing export transactions, extending credit to foreign buyers, commercial banks, private providers, and government assistant programs
  • UNZCO - Product Pricing This web page will help you determine what things to consider when pricing products you are going to export overseas. This site also provides a template to help you determine the cost to you for making and shipping product.
  • US Commercial Services - Commercial News Official Export Promotion Magazine. Reaches 400,000 readers and connects buyers and distributors. View information on product showcase and trade shows.
  • US Commercial Services - Featured US Exporters Featured US Exporters is a directory the US commercial Services offers to help qualified exporters reach their target market. For a subscription fee you can advertise through the directory to countries you wish to target.
  • USDA - Dairy Export Incentive Program Aims to develop export markets for U.S. dairy products where they are not competitive because of the presence of subsidized products from other countries.
  • Import Genius Databases have information on the trading activities of millions of importers.  Evaluate and monitor suppliers and competitors via information of customers, product lines, and exporting volumes for factories around the world. Find sales prospects and research markets through accurate and up-to-date economic data.