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Determining if You are Ready to Export

A downloadable tool to save and customize

  • How to determine your export readiness
  • Training and counseling information
  • Worksheets for global market research
  • Financing information and options
  • Customizable Export Business Plan and Marketing Plan templates
  • Helpful resources for exporters
  • Glossary of Export Terms 
  • And more! 

Export Business Planner For Your Small Business

More Resources:

  • EXIM Directory of Small Business Specialists that can assist you with obtaining export loans and payment insurance for your small business.
  • Export.gov - Trade Data and Analysis Find prescreened trade leads. Search for a trade lead using this government database using the method of your choice to find potential customers.
  • Global Edge - Global Resources The Global Resource Directory offers a rich collection of thousands of international business- and trade-related resources, which we have selected for their content and usability and organized into the categories below to facilitate your research.
  • SBA - Financing Growth Quick facts on exporting. Exporting assistance and resources to help grow or start your small business.  Funding and advising opportunities
  • Tradeport - Researching Markets? This web page of tradeport.org provides "The Whats, Whys and Hows of Market Research."
  • Tradeport - Market Eval. Checklist Use this checklist to evaluate potential sustainability and profitability of potential markets.
  • US Census Bureau - International Data Base Find country ranking, world population information, as well as demographic indicators, population pyramids, and source information for different countries.
  • USTDA Find the most recently posted opportunities for government contracts abroad.
  • Worldbid Trade leads broken down into categories, and searchable through database.
  • Import Genius Databases have information on the trading activities of millions of importers.  Evaluate and monitor suppliers and competitors via information of customers, product lines, and exporting volumes for factories around the world. Find sales prospects and research markets through accurate and up-to-date economic data.