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The Q&A portion of this website has taken a different tact other than giving you an oversimplified answer to what are often complex issues.  This website is designed to help you better understand what issues need to be taken into account and where possible give you access to potential resources.  Not every question has a specific list of resources as there may not be an on-line resource that easily responds to a specific question.  It is hoped that helping you better understand factors involved in the question and leading you to resources will be more useful in developing your plan and understanding where to go to get the help you need.

The page is also in a graphical format that should make it easier to navigate within the page and for you to see and understand the potential relationships between topics and questions.

The site also uses the generic term, “product” to mean product, products or services.

To get answers to all your questions concern growing your exports contact your local international Trade Specialist.

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