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Legal training usually comes in the form of webinars either by individual law firms or by government entities that would like to discuss a certain issue. These webinars are intended to introduce certain topics to export companies and make them aware of certain legal obstacles they may encounter. These webinars are not intended to serve as a substitute for qualified legal advice but rather as a platform for discussion and awareness. These training modules can serve as a tool for exporters to better prepare themselves before meeting with legal council. The webinars may also prevent exporter from falling into legal potholes that could slow the progression of their export business.

Course Description Cost Registration Provider
Importer Informed Compliance Provide webinar classes that discuss some of the legal aspects of exporting. Varies Online None GRVR Attorneys
International Legal Considerations Module covers regulations you must follow to comply with US Law; programs and tax procedures, as well as information on intellectual property rights. Free None Michigan State University, International Business Center