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International Marketing Training can come from a variety of providers, and will focus on how to grow your export company through the use of proper marketing strategies. International marketing courses will also likely touch on cultural issues as well as, elements of international marketing that change things such as product, price, promotion, and placement. Probably the most beneficial element of this type of training is classes usually have a section on how to get set up with international buyers and trade leads.

Course Description Cost Registration Provider
Export Market Entry Strategy The basic marketing concepts are explored (the 4 P's, segmentation, the marketing plan, etc.) as they are applied to international trade. The course analyses how the image of a particular country may influence its exports. $850 Online World Trade Institute
Developing a Marketing Plan This module will cover: How to formulate a marketing strategy; researching foreign markets; researching the market through government agencies; researching the market through development agencies; and researching the market by region. There is also a case study included in this module. Free Online Global Edge (Michigan State University)