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There are a variety of export training opportunities available both online and in-person. These training programs cover a variety of topics that range from general to very specific areas of interest.

Typically training webinars or workshops will fall into several categories that are shown in the below list. Click on the category to see the available training concerning that topic. Participants can register for most of these classes online and, in most cases, will have instant access to the training materials.

To learn more about export training and introduction to exporting workshops being hosted by the Export Readiness Centers contact your local international Trade Specialist.

New 2012-2013 Webinars on the Basics of Exporting!

Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) Webinars


Course Description Cost Registration Provider
Are You Ready to Export? This session of Export-U is designed for those taking a first look at international business. It will address some of the "Myths and Realities" of exporting, and will discuss various factors that influence your changes for success. Our goal is to help you determine if you are ready to take the leap from local or national marketing, to international marketing.Run time: 16:50 minutes Free Register online. Provide your contact information. Export-U
Developing a Marketing Plan This module will cover: How to formulate a marketing strategy; researching foreign markets; researching the market through government agencies; researching the market through development agencies; and researching the market by region. There is also a case study included in this module. Free Online Global Edge (Michigan State University)
E-Business for International Trade Focuses on e-security, e-marketing, e-distribution and logistics, e-commerce, risk management among and much more. $850 Online World Trade Institute
EAR and OFAC Fundamentals "EAR and OFAC Fundamentals: Export Control of Dual-Use Equipment, Technology and Services," includes coverage of the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), and various U.S. sanctions laws and regulations $1095 for live conference. Online Federal Publications Seminars
EAR Knowledge Level and EAR Awareness Level Courses have been designed to explain EAR and ITAR and give employees the compliance knowledge they need for their particular Key Process Area (KPA). $150 to $485; Discounts for large groups Online or by phone. UNZ&CO
Essential Considerations for Global Trade Taking your business global can increase sales and open up new, vital markets. Understanding the essentials of global business management, global marketing, supply chain management and trade finance establishes the foundation for answering the question "is my business ready" and setting the stage for movement into the global market place. Webinar http://www.BizCenterGlobal.org Oregon SBDC
Essential Considerations for Global Trade Taking your business global can increase sales and open up new, vital markets. Understanding the essentials of global business management, global marketing, supply chain management and trade finance establishes the foundation for answering the question "is my business ready" and setting the stage for movement into the global market place. Webinar http://www.BizCenterGlobal.org Oregon SBDC
Essentials of Export Controls This series of six modules covers the content presented at the one-day BIS Essentials of Export Controls seminar. Free None. Immediate access online. Bureau of Industry and Security
Explore Your Exporting Opportunitites Doing business internationally may seem overwhelming at first. However, there are a number of government programs that offer training, counseling, and financial assistance to small businesses wanting to export their products and services. Free Register online. Provide your contact information and answer a few easy questions about you and your business. Small Business Administration
Export Market Entry Strategy The basic marketing concepts are explored (the 4 P's, segmentation, the marketing plan, etc.) as they are applied to international trade. The course analyses how the image of a particular country may influence its exports. $850 Online World Trade Institute
Export Solutions Offers several off-the-shelf Export Training tools to give your company the basics of ITAR/EAR compliance, so you can get started today. These cost-effective solutions offer easy explanations and proven approaches to U.S. export compliance. Varies Online Export Solutions
Export Training Videos Census Bureau provides information on using a free system to record shipments (AES Direct). The training videos offered through the census bureau also provide training on how to classify shipments. Training videos also provide information on taxing your produce and how to comply with foreign trade regulations. Free None Census Bureau
Export University 101 Webinar presents basic information, methods and strategies to help you export your products successfully abroad. Free Online; no registrations required. Instant access Export.gov
Exporting Your Products & Services Western Washington University's Center for Economic Vitality assists Washington State companies who are looking to increase their sales by developing export markets. Free Online Video WWUCEV
Finance of International Trade Teaches user how to choose the most appropriate method of payment, and how to manage currency exchanges. Finish with a lesson on export credit insurance. $850 Online World Trade Institute
Financing Export Transactions In this module, we will cover: Factors to consider in making financial decisions; private sources of financing; government sources of financing. A case study on the company JQ American is also included. Free Online Global Edge (Michigan State University)
Freight Forwarding Video explains why to use freight forwarder in your business for international clients. Free None North Carolina Department of Ag & Consumer Services
Going On-line: E-Exporting Tools for Small Business Module will cover: E-Commerce defined; your company's readiness to export, steps to going online. Free Online Global EDGE (Michigan State University)
Guide to Exporting A basic guide to exporting - the official government resource fro small and medium-sized businesses. 10th Revised Edition contains a complete overview of the basics of exporting. $22.00 Purchase online US Government
Importer Informed Compliance Provide webinar classes that discuss some of the legal aspects of exporting. Varies Online None GRVR Attorneys
International Business Register for one or more of the two-hour webinars that focus on the core issues of exporting, importing, product classification, and Incoterms® 2010 rules and definitions. $150 per person Online or by phone International Business Training
International Legal Considerations Module covers regulations you must follow to comply with US Law; programs and tax procedures, as well as information on intellectual property rights. Free None Michigan State University, International Business Center
International Trade Specialist Complete a comprehensive program. Compiles multiple modules that can also be completed individually. Covers such areas as marketing, financing, and online exporting. $2,495, or $850 individual modules Online World Trade Institute
International Trade Webinars Subjects covered vary by day. Please see online schedule. Full day - $495; Half day - $295 Online Global Training Center
SBA Financing In this ninth session of Export-U, we will discuss how the U.S. Small Business Administration offers bank loan guarantees to help American exporters. We will introduce the three primary SBA international loan programs: Export Working Capital, Export Express, and International Trade Loans, and will consider the merits of each for various situations. Runtime: 17:55 minutes Free Register for free online. Export-U
Shipping Your Product Module will cover: How International Freight Forwarders can help you; how the product should be packaged and labeled; what documentation and insurance is needed, international shipping companies and offered services. Free None Global EDGE (Michigan State University)
US Census Bureau: Foreign Trade - Export Training Videos Part A. Export Compliance and RegulationsPart B. Reporting Electronic Export Information (EEI)Part C. Using Trade Data for Export Planning and StrategyPart D. Trade AgreementsPart E. Mandatory AES Free Not Applicable US Census Bureau
US Commercial Service-Construction Products-Central America The U.S. Commercial Service is organizing a trade mission in conjunction with the Opportunities in Central America Business Development Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica on July 15-19, 2013.Participants will be able to take part in the conference and have business-to-business meetings in up to tow of the following countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and/or Belize. The mission is to open to U.S. companies from a cross section of industries with potential for growth in Central America, but focusing on best prospects including construction equipment/road building machinery, medical equipment and devices, and safety/security.Deadline to Register: May 17, 2013 Varies: $2100 -$3100 for one country $2800-$3800 two countries http://export.gov/tradeamericas/tradeevents/trademissions/centralamericajuly2013/applicationform/index.asp U.S. Commercial Service
US Export Control Training E-Seminars 4 seminars offered: US Export Controls (EAR) Training, Defense Trade Controls (ITAR) Trainning, US Commercial Export Controls & Embargoes (EAR) Training and US Defense Trade Controls (ITAR) Training. Request quote online. $595 each course, $995 for series Online Export Compliance Training Institute
Website Globalization In this session we will discuss how to prepare your website for the global marketplace. Because of its length, this session is broken into three parts: Part 10A introduces the concept of website globalization, describes how simple enhancements can enhance your websites appeal to international visitors, and considers the pros and cons of website translation. Part 10B considers international website promotion, and introduces the concepts of website internationalization and localization. Part 10C provides a high level overview of international e-commerce. Runtimes: A- 23:54, B- 28:08, C- 12:16 minutes Free Register online from free online password Export-U